Our practice

  • Guerra IP is a highly specialised, market-leading IP boutique fielding a sizable team of partners as well as expert lawyers, trademark and patent attorneys (engineers).
  • Guerra IP’s dedicated patent department offers expert advice on patent work, covering searching, filing, prosecution and enforcement.
  • Our highly skilled patent attorneys have the broad experience and in-depth knowledge needed to help clients more easily convert their unique inventions into marketable, successful assets. We begin by developing a solid understanding of our clients’ specific business, technology and objectives, and we continue to apply this personalised approach as we work together to achieve the most profitable outcome possible.
  • Guerra IP’s dedicated trademark team is fully equipped to advise on trademark matters including strategic advice on trademark applications, protection, watching and enforcement.
  • In today’s world of increasing business globalisation, brand equity and protection have become critical to ensuring market access and position. Guerra IP understands the challenges involved, and effectively addresses them by applying our vast expertise in Brazilian and international matters as we help clients develop national and global trademark filing, maintenance and protection strategies unique to their business needs.
  • Guerra IP is renowned for its expertise in negotiating and closing settlement agreements on behalf of its clients, thereby avoiding long-term, and potentially costly litigation.
  • By drawing on the experience and skills of our people, we are positioned to handle even the most challenging negotiations with success. Leveraging technical knowledge, business acumen and extensive experience, we expertly structure, prepare and negotiate licenses and other technology transactions, from the perspectives of both the licensor and the licensee.
  • Helping to ensure clients’ compliance in the ever-changing regulatory landscape in marketing, Guerra IP’s business-minded attorneys closely support and expertly advise domestic and international clients on the full range of copyright, advertising and ecommerce matters, developing protection-focused legal solutions that align with their specific unique business objectives.
  • With the interests of the client as top priority, Guerra IP’s highly skilled litigators employ the latest sophisticated and innovative trial technologies, most notably in the practice of electronic discovery, as they work with client in achieving the best possible outcome in the most efficient and cost-conscious manner.


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